Baseus T2 Pro (KEY TRACKER)

Baseus T2 Pro (KEY TRACKER)


The Price You Pay Includes Full Repair Including Parts, Labour & VAT.

Your Repair Also Comes With A 6 Month Warranty!
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Product Description

Working on one battery up to 365 days

Calls out to other T2 Pro’s if outside the 30M Distance and tracks via GPS if within distance of another device

Controlled threw the  app

Pin and locate
Baseus T2 Pro is a small pendant that acts as a locator. Its mode of operation is extremely simple: attach the pendant to the item, run the application and check on the map where your lost is. You can find the missing items without any problems!

Near and far, indoors and out
Are you looking for keys or a wallet at home? Turn on the bell on your smartphone and the Baseus T2 Pro will let you know with a predetermined sound where the lost is. Do you want to monitor the location of your pet, because it ran away from you more than once during a walk? Attach the pendant to his collar and don’t worry.

Two-way alarm
As soon as you move away from the locator, the application on your smartphone will inform you about it. You’ll never forget your things when you rush