New – Minion Power Bank – 2600Mah

New – Minion Power Bank – 2600Mah


The Price You Pay Includes Full Repair Including Parts, Labour & VAT.

Your Repair Also Comes With A 6 Month Warranty!
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Product Description

  • Minions do everything together, and they don’t know what being lonely feels like, so for them being “friendly” is normal! If you like to be part of a festive crowd too, this is the ideal Power Bank for you.

    2600 mAh Power Bank to recharge your smartphone in all those circumstances where you don’t have access to a normal power socket. Thanks to their ultra compact size, Tribe Power Banks fit easily in your handbag, schoolbag or computer case! They are fitted with a USB cable for recharging devices and are “ready to use”, pre-charged for immediate use.