Silicon power Power bank gp15

Silicon power Power bank gp15


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Product Description

10,000mAh capacity provides 2-4 full charge cycles on just about any smartphone

2 USB Type-A outputs charge up to 2 devices simultaneously

Dual input (Micro-USB and Type-C) for more convenient charging options

Ergonomic design is easy and comfortable to hold

With a simple touch, a dual-function button displays the battery level via a LED light indicator and acts as a “wake-up” power button for Apple iPhone and iPad devices

smartSHIELD: Input High-Voltage Protection, Output High-Voltage Protection, Input Current Protection, Output Current Protection, Automatic Current Matching, Input Short-Circuit Protection, Output Short-Circuit Protection, Device Overcharge Protection, Reverse Charge Protection, Input Current Regulation, Static Resistance, and Fireproof Guard

High quality Li-Polymer battery is safer, thinner, and provides a more effective charge

Includes 1 USB Type-A to Type-C cable

Safe to fly with

Up to 2 million USD product liability insurance