If you are too busy to call to us in person, or if you live too far from our repair centre to make it in, you can use this convenient service, because we want to make things easier for you. 

At ITrepairs we believe that in regards to shipping we should always under commit and over deliver. We cannot account for shipping delays or similar issues but will always do our best to anticipate potential problems with shipping times.

Once you place an order with us, DPD will be notified and a courier will collect it from you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

The shipping charge of 13€ is the cost of shipping the device to us and back to you.  We are not in business to “profit” from shipping; you are charged what we are charged.

Once we receive your device our techs start the repair.  If device is a iPhone we should be able to have it repaired and back in the mail same day after testing the device.  Any other device will need an extra few days before the phone is ready to be shipped back.   This can be sped up but will not have a warranty after it is returned to you.

Once your device has been tested and repackaged DPD will pick it up from us and return it to your front door.

When packaging your gadget up to be sent to us.  Please do not include charger, Case, bag box or any other items unless we ask for them.   Just to be clear WE TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR CHARGER, LAPTOP BAG, BOX, OR OTHER ACCESSORIES UNLESS WE ASK FOR THEM.